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European Skull Mount - Elk Skull Wall Mount

Welcome to Skull Bracket
World's Strongest
 Deer Skull Mounts
& Skull Hanging System

Deer Skull Mount Made in the USA by Skull Bracket
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Elk in the Rockie Mountains - Perfect for Elk Skull Mount by Skull Bracket

European Deer Skull Mounts & Skull Mounting Kits That Are Built to Last AND Look Good. 

The pursuit of game takes us to heights we would never reach otherwise.


The will power that takes over our minds and bodies on a hunt is unmatched. Think of the amount of perseverance it took to harvest that trophy animal. Don’t trust that trophy to hang on the wall on weak, stamped foreign metal.

Honor that animal and yourself by displaying it with the World’s Strongest Skull Mount system. 

Skull Bracket is The World’s Strongest European Skull Mounting System made for Deer Skulls & Elk Antlers,  Wall Mounts and Table Mounts. Made in America.

These simple yet stylish Deer Skull & Antler Mounts are built to last and look good while they are doing that. 

Need an Antelope Skull Mount? Looking for the Perfect Moose Rack Wall Mount? Want a mount for that Heavy Bighorn Sheep Skull? Or do you have an exceptional trophy that you need the perfect Antler Display Kit for but can’t find exactly what you need? Perhaps you are struggling with how to do a European Mount?

All of our mounts are guaranteed to hold up the weight of your skull. We also make custom skull mounts to fit those unique skull and antler wall mounting and table mounting needs. If you don't see the type of skull or antler mount you need on our website contact us and let us know! We'd be happy to create a custom skull mount or antler mount for your hunting trophy display. 

You can’t go wrong with the world’s strongest mounting system. Period.

Deer Skull Mount

The one and only, world's strongest Deer Skull Mount. 100% Made in the USA. The Skull Bracket Product that started it all. Find out what makes our deer skull mounting kits the best and the easiest to use. Even if you need to learn how to European Mount Your Deer, this is the perfect mount for beginners and expert hunters alike. Beautiful, Strong and Guaranteed to Last. Find out what makes Skull Bracket Skull Mounting Kits the Very Best.  

Deer Skull Mount - Table Mount by Skull Bracket - European Skull Mount

The Bull Bracket

 The Bull Bracket has more length from the wall for your skull mounting needs. This gives the option for a bit of a different presentation. If you have huge whale tails on your Elk bull antler rack, it allows for more room, so they will mount perfectly without potentially causing damage to your walls. These are amazing for high ceiling areas and beautiful when Wall Mounting Large Bull Elk racks or for Moose Antler Wall Mounting.

Elk Skull Mount by Skull Brackets

Featured Skull Mounts & Skull Bracket Products

Caribou Laying By River - Perfect for Large Deer Skull Mount - The Buck Bracket or the Bull Bracket by Skull Bracket - World's Strongest Deer Skull Mounts

"Go afield with a good attitude,

with respect for the forest and fields in which you walk.

Immerse yourself in the outdoor experience.

It will cleanse your soul and make you a better person."

 - Fred Bear

Why Skull Bracket

Skull Bracket was created in 2011 out of pure necessity to find a stronger system to hang deer skulls & hunting trophies. These are the strongest and most secure skull hangers in the world and proudly made in the USA.

Place An Order

Buy on-line and have your Skull Bracket European Style Wall or Table Mount shipped directly to you! We have a variety of wall and table hangers available to display skulls and antler sheds.  Be sure to check out our brand new Buffalo Skulls too!

Contact Us

Skull Bracket is here to help you with your Deer Skull Mounting! If you have a question, concern, or would like us to work with you on a custom designed skull mount kit or antler mount kit, feel free to be in touch! Dealer and retailer inquires are also welcome.

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