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The Sheep Table Bracket

The Sheep Table Bracket

SKU: 663913352941

 The Bighorn Sheep Table Bracket will easily support over 100 pounds so we have you covered no matter if it's a Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep or a Sone/Dall sheep skull.


The Sheep Table Bracket by Skull Bracket is the strongest bighorn sheep skull mounting bracket available. Designed to display your tropphy bighorn sheep skulls on flat surfaces like tables and shelves. For reliable, safe and secure mounting and display of your bighorn sheep skulls. 


 If you are looking for an elegant, simple, and secure way to display your bighorn sheep skull you need to try the Sheep Table Bracket.


The 1 piece bracket is constructed with a steel ring and proudly welded in Laramie, Wyoming USA.


To Mount the Bighorn Sheep Skull, simply insert the square tubing in the skull cavity and push it back against the clip that prevents the skull from rotating. And that it. Your sheep skull is now mounted. Yes, it really is that simple to add a skull to your decor. Even if you don't have wall space!


  • World's strongest skull hanger for Big horn Sheep skulls. Will hold well over 100 pounds
  • Elegant Wrought iron welded construction in oil rubbed bronze is sure to compliment any decor.
  • Perfectly angled to give a life-like presentation of your trophy, no assembly required.
  • Proudly made in Laramie, Wyoming USA and backed by our manufacturer’s warranty as well as out no questions asked return policy in the rare case you are not satisfied with the product
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