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Adjustable Bull Bracket - Large Game Skull Mount

Adjustable Bull Bracket - Large Game Skull Mount

SKU: 663913352972

The new 2022 fully Adjustable Bull Bracket is the strongest european elk skull and other large game mounting bracket available. This new model uses a ball and socket joint to give you the most flexibility in displaying your trophy. If you are looking for an elegant, simple, and secure way to display your elk or other large game you need to try the Bull Bracket.


The Adjustable Bull Bracket is constructed with a 1/4" steel base plate and proudly welded in Laramie Wyoming USA. Simple 2 screw installation. Simply insert the square tubing in the skull cavity and push it back against the clip that prevents the skull from rotating. It's really that simple and requires NO modifications to the skull. The fully Adjustable Bull Bracket can support over 100 pounds so rest assured that the Bull Bracket can support your heaviest trophies. Includes matching 1/4" black hardware. Works great for elk, buffalo, cattle, caribou, moose, watusi, longhorn, brown bear, and other large sized skulls.


Worlds strongest skull hanger for large sized game. Will hold well over 100 pounds.


Adjustable side left/right and up/downwith a set screw to lock in the perfect angle.


Simple installation and no modifications to the skull required. Proudly welded in Laramie Wyoming USA


Don't disrespect a Rocky Mountain Elk by putting it's skull on a flimsy foreign made hooker, put it on the world's strongest hanger that is proudly made in the USA, the Adjustable Bull Bracket.


Elegant wrought iron welded construction in oil rubbed bronze is sure to compliment any decor

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