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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs About Deer Skull Mounts,
Big & Small Game Skull Mounts &
Custom Skull Mounts

​How Do I Place An Order For One Of Your Deer Skull Mounts?​

You can purchase any of our deer skull mounts & SKull Brackets directly from us on-line!  


Or contact one of our Dealers near you to find the locations of stores and taxidermist and retailers who carry our products, or visit one of our Major Retailers

If you have any trouble, please feel free to contact, our facebook page, or call/text 307-761-5509.

What Payment Do You Accept for Deer Skull Mounts? 

How (& Where) Do You Ship The Deer Skull Mounts & Other Skull Brackets? 

We ship our deer skull mounts and Skull Brackets via UPS, USPS first class, and USPS priority mail to domestic USA and International destinations. 

How Do You Install A Skull Bracket Deer Skull Mount?
Installation Instructions

Installation is simple and hardware is included for mounting to a stud or wood surface.  Simply locate a stud where you want to install the bracket and mark the locations for the screws.  Pre drill those holes with a 1/8" drill bit (to prevent splitting) and install the bracket with the included hardware.  For other surfaces like concrete, drywall, or metal studs consult with your local hardware store to find a suitable anchor for your surface type, thickness, etc.

Then simply slide the skull cavity onto the bracket until it locks into place against the clip.  It's really that simple.  Here is a video showing how the skull looks when installed on the Bull Bracket.

What kind of guarantee do you offer on your deer skull mounts and other Skull Bracket Products?

All of our deer mounts and skull brackets are guaranteed for life! If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase or something happens to your deer skull mount or other Skull Bracket Skull Mounts please contact us for a replacement or a 100% refund. No Questions Asked. 

What are the different types of deer skull mounts available?

At Skull Bracket we are proud to offer a variety of Deer Skull Mounts, Big, Medium and Small Game Mounts, Big Horn Sheep Mounts and Custom Skull Mounts. From the traditional European Mount Hanger, the Bambi Bracket Deer Skull Mount,  to our latest design, the Shoulder Bracket & Shoulder Bracket XL, we are dedicated to building the World's Strongest Skull Mounts for ALL of your trophy mounting needs. 

We offer wall mounts, table mounts and adjustable wall mounts fo deer skull mounts, Elk skull mounts, and a wide variety of game. Don't see the mount you are looking for? Contact us anytime for a custom built skull mount. 

Returns & Refunds

If you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason we offer a 100% money back no questions asked policy.  Simply return the item for a full refund.  We stand behind our product 100% and are always here to help if there is an issue.  Simply e-mail, contact us on Facebook, or call 307-761-5509.

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