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Shoulder Bracket

Shoulder Bracket

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The shoulder bracket allows full adjustability of your shoulder mounts with 2 hinges that lock in place. This is designed for deer and antelope size game. For elk, moose, and other large game use the Shoulder Bracket XL.


We’re excited to announce our newest designs – the Shoulder Mount
Bracket and the Shoulder Mount Bracket XL. It’s been a long time in the
making, but we’ve taken our same high-strength, welded steel design, and
built our first bracket for shoulder-mounted game. The Shoulder Mount
Bracket is no ordinary bracket. It’s completely adjustable, allowing
users to swivel at two different contact points for maximum
customization. As with all our brackets, all necessary hardware is
included. The standard version is perfect for whitetail, mule deer,
pronghorn, etc., while the XL was designed with larger game in mind,
such as elk, moose, and caribou. The XL’s hardware package includes
heavier-duty fasteners to support the added weight.

The three-piece design is easy to install, but to make it even simpler,
we’ve created a short video, which details the bracket components and
installation. The installation video can be found on the Shoulder Mount
Bracket product page. A few things to note when installing a Shoulder
Mount Bracket: the Phillips head screws take a Number 3 Phillips head
screwdriver/drill bit, it is recommended to locate a wall stud when
mounting the wall bracket, and make sure to reference the arrow stickers
on the backs of the bracket and mounting plate before fastening. Have
questions? Refer to the installation video, or contact us through
Instagram, Facebook, email, or phone.

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