Meet The Team

The People Behind the Products


Rowdy Yeatts

Founder / Owner

Hi, I'm Rowdy Yeatts, founder/owner of Skull Bracket, LLC and High Plains Biochar and proud US Veteran. 

I am a Wyoming native born in Casper and now living in Laramie with my daughter Paige.  I attended college at Oklahoma State University.  We enjoy getting outdoors as much as possible.  

As an avid hunter and outdoor enthusiast I always seemed to have skulls lying around that needed to be displayed. They were in the garage, behind the house, under tables, and in closets.   


Brad Lowry

Fabricator / Social Media Manager

I grew up and live in Wyoming.  I am a Career Firefighter/EMT by trade and a 10 year Army Veteran.  My greatest passions in life have always involved exploring the beautiful landscapes of the Rocky Mountains. 

I am a consistently successful back country solo hunter.  The largest attribute to my success is my physical training.  I am a certified Personal Trainer to hunters as well as a professional hunting guide.  I spend much of my time volunteering for conservation efforts contributing to the big game of Wyoming. 


I love spending time with my family most.  I was raised by a family of hunters/conservationist and continue to pass these values on to my own family.  My wife Emily and I are adamant about raising our children in the outdoors and our three children share a passion for nature.      

Skull Bracket: European style mount for skulls