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Book: European (Skull) Mount Process Paperback by Kyle Hackett

Book: European (Skull) Mount Process Paperback by Kyle Hackett

  • Learn how to produce professional quality deer European (skull) mounts and other big game skull mounts at home with the simple step-by-step instructions included in this book. Endorsed by legendary hunters Tom Miranda, Jim Shockey, and Nick Mundt!
  • "Kyle Hackett has done all of us a favor with his book EUROPEAN (SKULL) MOUNT PROCESS. Definitely a must read for hunters and naturalists." - Jim Shockey, Professional big game outfitter, award-winning writer, and host for numerous hunting shows.
  • “If you’re interested in doing your own skull mounts of any kind, this book will help you get on the right track to do it right! Step by step instruction makes it easy!” - Nick Mundt, Co-host of Michael Waddell's Bone Collector and professional guide.
  • This book will provide you all the information needed to produce professional quality skulls by employing the secrets of the skull mounting trade. I’ve spent years and countless hours studying and learning this trade and have consolidated everything I know into this easy-to-follow step-by-step book.
  • Chapters in this book include different ways to clean, degrease, whiten, and seal skulls. Also included are chapters on painting antlers, hydro dipping skulls, creating rustic skull mounts, repairing skulls, velvet antlers, producing plaques, fabricating skull hanging hooks, and much more! This book was written by a professionally licensed European mount taxidermist.
  • BONUS- included are all my tips for starting your own skull mounting business, including client acquisition, partnering with taxidermists, contract information, and a whole lot more.
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