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The Buffalo Bracket Skull Mount

A Review of The Best Skull Mount for Buffalo, Bison, Elk, Cattle, and Moose Skull Mounting

When harvesting a trophy Elk or Buffalo, the actual hardware used to display it is usually an afterthought. However, when the time comes to put it on the wall, choosing the right hardware becomes top priority. 


 As the name implies, the Buffalo Bracket was designed with buffalo skulls in mind, but it’s also perfect for displaying small to medium-sized elk skulls. The back plate of the bracket is a sleek design - not taking up much wall space - while the welded support member makes hanging a skull simple and easy.

How To Use

Because the bracket is welded, you can trust that your mount is going to stay where you hang it, and installation is as easy as hanging a picture. Just use the two supplied screws to mount the bracket to your wall (into a stud is always preferrable), then slide the rear skull cavity over the bracket support member. That’s it. The bracket sets the skull off the wall by a few inches, not protruding too far into the room. And it has a discreet profile, which doesn’t pull focus from the trophy itself. For a buffalo or small to medium-sized elk, it’s the perfect wall-mount bracket. Great look, built to last a lifetime, and proudly made in the U.S.

Buffalo Bracket Skull Mount Gallery

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