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The Table Bracket

A Product Review of The Table Bracket Deer Skull Mount

Another season has come and gone, and hopefully yours ended with a lot of great memories . . . and a taxidermy bill. Or at least a pot to clean if you’re the DIY type. Success takes many forms during a season, from sightings and lessons learned to deer on the ground and meat on the table. If you’ve found yourself in that latter category and you’re in
the fortunate position of having to decide how to display a nice skull, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve talked about two of our best wall options in previous newsletters and videos - the Bambi Bracket and the Buck Bracket - but we’ve got another option that’s perfect for displaying skulls on horizontal surfaces. Our Table Bracket is the perfect option for getting your skulls off the wall. It’s easily moveable, so you can mix things up throughout the year, moving it from table to table and swapping out skulls. And like all our brackets, it’s constructed of solid, welded steel. Like the Buck Bracket, the Table Bracket includes a stabilization clip to keep your skull nice and straight on the bracket, and lastly, soft felt has been added to the bottom of all Table Brackets to protect table finishes against scratching. So, whether you’ve got space on the wall or not, you’ve got options. Click HERE to see them all. 

How To Mount A Deer Skull With The Table Bracket

Easier to use than our wall mounts even! All you have to do to mount your skull with the Table Bracket is just slide the steel tubing at the top of the mount into the base of the skull cavity on your skull. And that's it.


This 1-piece bracket is constructed with 3/4" steel ring base. Simply slide skull over tubing. The Table Bracket easily supports over 100 pounds. This table mount works well with  Whitetail Deer Skull Mounts, Mule Deer Skull Mounts, Antelope, Black Bear, Hog, and other small to medium sized game.

The Table Bracket Skull Mount Gallery

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