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Top Tips For The Best European Deer Skull Mount

The Buck Bracket - Deer Skull Mount / Large Game Skull Mount  / Elk Skull Mount by Skull Bracket
The Buck Bracket - Deer Skull Mount / Large Game Skull Mount / Elk Skull Mount by Skull Bracket

It's no secret that we are partial the European Skull Mount. Heck, we made a whole company devoted to making the world's strongest deer skull mounts we are that into them. IF you are going to do your own European Mount, here are some top tips so that your deer skull mount comes out perfectly:

  1. Choose the right skull! Not all deer skulls are created equal. Some are more symmetrical than others, and some have larger antlers. Choose a skull that you love the look of and follow the steps in our How To Do A European Mount article. .

  2. When preparing the skull, whatever you do, do not boil the skull... a nice simmer is perfect.

  3. Use Oxy-Clean & Dawn during your simmer... the recipe is also in the How To Do A European Mount article. Do not skip this part.

4. Keep the Antlers from being submerged during simmering so avoid unwanted discoloration.

5. Heavily salt the deer skull after cleaning all the flesh out.. a few times and for a few days.

6. For whitening --- the best product we've found is at the beauty shop. No joke. 40 Volume Creme Developer.

7. Display the skull with the best deer skull mount you can find. Skull Bracket Deer Skull Mounts are 100% guaranteed to last and look good while doing it. Oh and did we mention they are the world's strongest skull mounts?

The best part of the process in our opinion is figuring out the best place to display your European Deer Mount. When looking for the best skull hanger for your deer skull mount, there are a few things to consider:

  • Size: The skull mount should be the right size for your deer skull. Or Elk or other trophy kill... You will want to make sure the skull mount is the correct size and loadbearing weight for the weight of your skull and antlers .

  • Material: Ideally your skull mount will be made of a very strong metal and design that can support the weight of the skull and antlers. This is why weld all of our deer skull mounts, elk skull mounts, moose skull mounts... .ALL of the skull mounts are made with 100% steel and a solid weld design.

  • Style: Whatever skull mount you choose should not only be strong but also stylish. Which is why our deer skull mounts were designed to be intentionally simple & sleek to fit in with any decor style.

Here are some of the most popular types of Deer Skull Mounts:

  • Wall Mounts: Wall mounts are the most common type of deer skull mount. They are easy to install and can be used to display skulls of any size provided they are made well and of the right material and load bearing capacity.

  • Table Mounts: Table mounts are a popular option for displaying skulls that are too large to hang on the wall. They can also be used to display multiple skulls.

  • Adjustable Skull Mounts: Adjustable Skull Mounts are a great way to display skulls that have larger racks and allow for more flexibility when positioning the skull mount.


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