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The Adjustable Bull Bracket Skull Mount - Product Review and How To Use

A Review of The Best Large Game Skull Mount for Bull Elk, Moose

The Adjustable Bull Bracket Skull Mount is the strongest European elk skull and other large game mounting bracket available. Easily holding over 100 lbs securely so you can rest assured that even your largest hunting trophies will hold their mount properly.

Works great for elk, buffalo, cattle, caribou, moose, watusi, longhorn, brown bear, and other large sized skulls. Find out just how easy it is to use for yourself below.

How to Use the Adjustable Bull Bracket Skull Mount

The Adjustable Bull Bracket takes mounting skulls to a whole new level. Differing in design from the original Bull Bracket, this hardware allows for custom angles. After mounting the bracket with the supplied screws, simply loosen a locknut in the center of the bracket, then rotate to a desired angle. This bracket allows for right-facing, left-facing, and tilted mounting, so you can display your skull exactly the way you want it.

Want a forward-facing skull this month, and angled the next? That’s not a problem with the Adjustable Bull Bracket. It gives you the option to display your skull in a variety of ways throughout the year. This bracket also works great with other big game animals as well. Even for large bulls with sweeping antlers, the Adjustable Bull Bracket places the skull off the wall an appropriate amount, while not protruding too far out. It’s the perfect bracket for those looking for more versatility. Skull Brackets are built to last and made in the U.S.A.


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