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The Buck Bracket

A Review of Buck Bracket, The World's Strongest Deer Skull Mount

The Buck Bracket, with its simplistic, robust design, is an extremely versatile bracket for mounting deer skulls. It works for the weekend warrior who doesn’t have the time to be picky over antler size, and it’s also perfect for displaying Booners in a mountain cabin trophy room. No matter the deer, it just works. It's one of the best deer skull mounts I've come across, hands down. 

How To Mount A Deer Skull With The Buck Bracket

Due to the relatively light weight of a deer skull, the Buck Bracket only needs one heavy-duty mounting screw, which is supplied with every order.

Simply mount the bracket (in a wall stud where possible), and slide the skull cavity over the bracket. That’s it. Skulls can easily be swapped out in seconds when success finds you mid-season.

Large-antlered deer, small-antlered deer, and everything in between - the Buck Bracket is the best and strongest way to display your trophy. All Buck Brackets, along with all other Skull Brackets, are proudly made
right here in the U.S.A.

The Buck Bracket Skull Mount Gallery

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