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Rowdy Yeatts


Skull Bracket mounts are the world’s strongest, most secure way to showcase decorative animal skulls that tell personal tales of outdoor hunting adventures and evoke the myths and legends of the Old West.

Avid outdoorsman and hunter Rowdy Yeatts started Skull Brackets in response to  existing skull mount systems made out of bent sheet metal hangers that were often too weak to hold heavy mule deer and elk skulls. Others were flimsy, expensive and foreign made. 

He decided it was time to do something about it.

“I prefer to put quality products made in the USA on my wall, and hope you feel the same way.” – Rowdy Yeatts, Owner

Yeatts created his own and established Skull Bracket in 2011 out of pure necessity. Today, it’s a tough, high quality, “Made in Wyoming” product that can securely hang mule deer, elk, antelope, buffalo, moose, whitetail, bear, and other skulls.

Enthusiastic response to Skull Bracket has steadily grown the business over the years and the product line has expanded. Skull Bracket now offers several different models to choose from depending on the type of skull to be displayed.

Skull Bracket does custom work, including hangers for bighorn sheep, shed holders, and even a shed Christmas tree frame at Christmas that was featured on our Facebook page.

Want to learn more about installing a Skull Bracket product, how to order, payment and billing, or becoming a Skull Bracket dealer, visit our FAQs.

Visit our blog and gain some hunting tips and best ways to display your skulls. Please contact us with questions about our products or custom orders.

“We offer a ‘no questions asked’ return policy. If you are not satisfied, for any reason, simply return the product to us for a full refund.” – Rowdy Yeatts, Owner

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Partners for the 2019 Season

Muley Fanatic Foundation

We are very excited to be the exclusive skull mount system for the Muley Fanatic Foundation in 2019. For more info visit,

The Mule Deer Hunter

We are also very excited to be the exclusive skull mount system sponsor of The Mule Deer Hunter in 2019. For more information visit

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