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Bambi Bracket Deer Skull Mount- Product Review and How To Use

A Product Review of The Bambi Bracket, The World's Strongest Deer Skull Mount

The big buck craze has taken hold of the hunting industry in such a way as to make small bucks often seem unimportant, even to the point of proud hunters being “buck shamed” on social media. At Skull Bracket, we love massive racks and trophy-caliber bucks like everyone else, but we also believe that any legal harvest is something to be celebrated and proudly displayed - no matter the size.

That’s why we created the Bambi Bracket. The Bambi Bracket is perfect for small antlers. Now, we know that “small” is a subjective term. A small buck in Iowa would not be a small buck in Florida. However, we’re referring to bucks with an inside spread of around 12 inches and smaller. Bucks with wider spreads will fit, but only when the antlers don’t sweep back very far from the skull.

How To Mount A Deer Skull With The Bambi Bracket

The Bambi Bracket has a sleek, low-profile design, remaining well-hidden behind the skull. Even from a side view, it’s not widely visible. It’s smaller than the Buck Bracket, but being made entirely of steel, it’s plenty robust enough to hold any skull that would fit on it without the antlers touching the wall. It only takes one mounting screw, which is supplied with every Bambi Bracket. Slide the skull cavity over the bracket, and that’s it. Small bucks may not make it into the record books, but the memories they create last a lifetime. Display those memories proudly with a Bambi Bracket.


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